Stephanie H.

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Stephanie H.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Denver College of Nursing

I am a clinical educator for a medical device company so I work for a startup company that invented a device that allows us to monitor the heart in a way that we’ve never been able to before.

I chose to attend the Denver College of Nursing because I was drawn to the smaller class size. I was here pretty early, probably in the second program that came through and I loved the kind of small feel. I know it has grown quite a bit since then but I know they strive to keep the class sizes small.

My DCN education has made a difference for me I’d say personally and professionally. If I hadn’t gone through this program I don’t know that I would have ended up with the job that I have today because I got the job at the hospital I was at because of my DCN training.

And I know that my husband and my family are proud of what I do. They like to say that my daughter’s a nurse, my wife’s a nurse. It is kind of like a badge of honor.

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