Aisha L.

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Aisha L.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Denver College of Nursing

Well, I’ve always been interested in the medical field.  Initially, I wanted to become a medical doctor and then I just transitioned into wanting to become a nurse practitioner, so I’m still on that path.

Well, I was looking at accelerated programs because I already had a four year degree I didn’t want to do another four years of nursing school.  Some schools didn’t accept that I had my prerequisites five plus years ago.  Denver College of Nursing was one place that did accept that.  

Well, I’m a new graduate nurse at Denver Health.  I work on the ortho-neuro floor.  We see a lot of orthopedic patients, a lot of fractures, motor vehicle collisions; things of that sort -- spine injuries.  

My education at DCN has impacted my life in a major way.  It impacted me career-wise because it’s turned me into the professional that I thought I already was.  

Personally, time management -- I would like to say I am becoming a pro at managing my time a lot better.  The nursing hasn’t stopped and it won’t.

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