Matthew R.

Matthew R.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Denver College of Nursing

The reason why I wanted to get into the medical field was in 2012, about four years ago, I was going to my first day of class starting my junior year of marketing and I realized this is not the right fit for me. 

During this time I thought back to the time when I was volunteering in the emergency department and I thought, man these nurses -- they get to spend time with patients. They get to alleviate their pain. They get to heal these people. They get to spend time with them and support them emotionally. 

I chose to attend Denver College of Nursing because of their global health perspectives program which allowed me to travel all the way to Haiti for my community health clinical and get credit for providing global health.   

I got to treat anywhere from neonate’s; from babies all the way up to adults, to the geriatric population and it was very fulfilling to go there and it was also very humbling.  

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