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Online Student Nursing Experience

At Denver College of Nursing (DCN), our students are active members of the community and the classroom, whether taking classes online or at our Denver or Houston campuses. DCN fosters an engaging and interactive online learning experience by offering a variety of learning opportunities and resources for distance education students. These provisions include the following:

  • Dedicated and accessible faculty members, each with extensive experience and first-hand knowledge in the areas they’re teaching
  • Experienced online academic advisors for additional help when you need it
  • Reliable support and interaction throughout your program from your dedicated student services director
  • 24-7 technical support, as well as tutoring and writing assistance
  • Engaging and unique applied nursing experiences through the college’s experiential learning course assignments and service learning opportunities, such as the Global Health Perspectives program
  • Opportunities to participate in student government, the college’s advisory committee, and other college organizations

Experience DCN Online

Online programs at DCN are designed to support you as you develop the skills and professional experience necessary to meet the high demands of a nursing career, all while providing an encouraging environment to assist you on your educational journey. We offer various modes of support, including:

  • Student Services. DCN provides a dedicated student services director who will serve as a reliable point of contact throughout the program, giving you a trusted guide to offer assistance from orientation to graduation.
  • Academic Assistance. If you need help in your courses, DCN instructors and academic advisors are there to assist. Our experienced online faculty will guide you through your courses, making themselves available for questions and responding with feedback to help you succeed. Your online academic advisor is also there to help with additional guidance for academic success.
  • Online Resources. If you need help at any hour, DCN provides online resources  — including access to the writing center and tutoring request system, APA guidance, electronic learning resource materials, computer tutorials, Blackboard support, and general technical support — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Enroll in a Program That Fits Your Life

Not only does DCN offer excellent resources to support online learning, but our online programs are designed to fit your already active schedule. We recognize that overwhelmed students can’t be successful. That’s why our RN to BSN and MSN programs are paced at two to three asynchronous courses per term so that you can work while you complete your degree. The programs have breaks between terms to allow you to enjoy some time off from coursework, take a vacation with family, or focus on other projects. Our main goal is to help you work, live, and learn successfully as you progress through online programs at DCN.

Collaborate and Learn

DCN fosters an environment that prepares excellent healthcare providers and leaders who can contribute to transforming the lives of individual patients and entire communities. Collaboration is key in this process. The college collaborates with its students, faculty, and staff to create welcoming, positive, engaging online classes that facilitate learning. We provide you with opportunities to impact the future of your program by providing feedback in your classes, having a voice in student government, and collaborating with other professionals in committee meetings. DCN is committed to continuous improvement, and that’s only possible when everyone participates. We encourage and value active involvement from our students — both online and on campus.