What Employers Are Saying About DCN Graduates

“Nurses from Denver College of Nursing are very well prepared and work extremely well in a critical function site, especially those who are doing capstones. The nurses we’ve hired have worked out well. We’ve hired several and have three on staff currently.  They’re well prepared to be out in the field - they’re team players and always willing to help and learn about physician procedures. They come in with a good attitude and have high energy. They’re interested in providing the best patient care and they’re very responsible.”

“Denver College of Nursing is the first place we go when hiring new graduates for our hospital system.  They are extremely prepared and eager to learn.  Over the last five years we've hired many graduates and plan to continue to hire them in a very challenging nursing market.  I highly recommend Denver College of Nursing."

Ken Kowalski, MBA
Former Vice President of Talent Acquisition
Steward Health Care


“The nurse graduates I have had the privilege to hire have been some of our top performers. They're excited about the profession they have chosen and are highly engaged with their patients and fellow staff.  Their commitment to nursing has helped raise the bar with our fellow nurses, thus increasing quality patient care and nursing satisfaction.”

Heidi Tatum BNS, RNC-NIC
Manager of Professional Practice
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center 

“I tell everyone that Denver College of Nursing is the best of the newer nursing schools in Colorado. Their students and graduates are the most professional and most prepared. Whenever I visit the school, I find the students are ready - they’re grounded and realistic about the work ahead of them.  They show flexibility in the hospital environment and a willingness to do the work that needs to be done.

The school’s faculty and staff really care about where their students go to work after graduation. They make a conscious effort to get them placed and are diligent about follow-through with healthcare employers.”

Dave Blanco
Nurse Recruiter
Rose Medical Center

"We've hired two DCN graduates, one as a summer staff, and one as our full time camp nurse. Both have demonstrated a sterling work ethic in the difficult environment and lengthy hours that constitute working at a summer camp for people with disabilities. Both have shown good leadership skills, and good knowledge of people with disabilities and their needs.I have found that graduates of the DCN program are committed, organized, and compassionate in their approach to caring for people with disabilities, and we deeply hope that our current camp nurse will be part of our team for years into the future."

Tom Picton
Asst. Camp Director
Easter Seals Colorado