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Consumer Information & Gainful Employment Disclosures - Consumer Information

The following links provide consumer information required by federal regulations, and in accordance with school policy, that will allow you to make informed decisions relevant to your education. For details regarding each category below, please hover over the titles. For more info please click here for a complete glossary of terms.

INSTITUTIONAL RATES (based on First-Time Students)
Graduation Rate: N/A% Retention Rate: N/A%

Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program:
The following is a list of the programs offered at this campus subject to the gainful employment disclosure requirements. To display the information regarding each program, please use the drop down boxes to the right. The gainful employment information will be displayed along with the tuition and fees for each program. 

The state licensure requirements indicated within the Gainful Employment Disclosures refer to state mandatory licensing requirements for entry level positions only. Once a graduate obtains work experience, additional credentials or licensure may be required to progress forward within a profession. Please keep in mind that licensure exams and certification exams are not necessarily the same thing. Those professions requiring licensure by law, mandate a state license in order work in the profession. A license must be obtained prior to seeking employment. In some situations, a state may not require a licensure exam and will award a license if the individual can provide proof he/she has passed a certification examination. Certification represents the achievement of a level of professional competency. In some cases certification is voluntary though, it can be required or mandated by employers. Please understand that certain programs require state licensure for employment while other programs strongly encourage students to obtain specialized credentials so graduates can obtain a more qualified entry level position. Please refer to the institutions catalog for the state licensure requirements or credentialing exams for your program of interest.

Associate Degree in Nursing
Associate Degree (CIP Code: )
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Bachelor of Science In Nursing
Bachelor of Science (CIP Code: )
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Masters of Science in Nursing
Master's Degree (CIP Code: )
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