Working as a Travel Nurse in Texas

NursingFebruary 01, 2023

Freezing temperatures got you down? The past few years have been a boon for travel nurses, and 2023 is no exception. Working as a travel nurse in Texas might offer respite from cold weather and give you a leg up on your nursing skills.

Although the pandemic-era demand for travel nurses has dropped just a bit, the tripledemic of flu, RSV, and Covid-19 is hitting areas in different ways. Texas was already coping with a nursing shortage even before the pandemic and, with the exception of California, employs the most RNs in the nation. 

The Lone Star state is big, and the climate varies quite a bit, mostly from north to south, but places like Houston are downright pleasant, with temps hovering in the low 60s during winter. Wintertime is also the driest time of year, making it a great season for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or road-tripping the area. 

What to Know About Travel Nursing

Travel nurses are RNs who are sent to a new location when there’s a critical shortage of nurses in that area. A hospital or clinic may need extra hands during a particularly high demand for healthcare, such as flu season. You could work in a small town or a large urban core. Nurses sign a short-term contract, anywhere from 8 weeks to a year, with the average contract lasting about 13 weeks. 

Some employers may require a BSN, while others may need an ADN as the minimum requirement. Travel nursing offers a number of perks, including a possible housing stipend or free housing. You may also be able to specify your hours and days of work per week. It can be an ideal situation for a younger or older nurse with no children at home or other ties that make short-term assignments away difficult. 

It’s not easy to be new or temporary in a workplace – that can be its own kind of stressor – but if you can bring flexibility and willingness to the job, travel nursing is a great opportunity to explore a new region, make new connections, and learn new nursing skills. 

The Lone Star state has much to offer visitors and visiting nurses, including cultural hubs like Austin and Houston, national parks, beaches, museums, and diverse cuisine from brisket to queso. 

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