Tips for Applying to Nursing School

NursingSeptember 13, 2022

Pursuing a nursing career can be a dream come true for someone passionate about helping people. Nurses are valued for their professional judgment and knowledge about patient wellbeing. They play a critical role in healthcare. In Houston, the Denver College of Nursing’s new branch campus is opening for students to get started on this in-demand career. 

If you’re thinking about nursing because it satisfies a personal career goal, congratulations on this first career step. Here’s what to know about coursework and other requirements to be accepted to DCN’s Houston program. 

Requirements for Denver College of Nursing (DCN)

Houston’s DCN campus offers a Bachelor of Science completion program that can be completed in 7 quarters. The program is designed for students who have already completed the prerequisite coursework or are in the process of completing it. To apply to our BSN program, you’ll need a minimum of 60 college credits. Some students come into completion programs already having completed a bachelor degree. If you already have your degree but if it’s not in the right field of study, you may still need to complete some of the prerequisites. 

These prerequisite classes are foundation classes that college-level nursing completion coursework builds on, and usually you’ll need a grade of C or better. 

DCN requires the following prerequisite classes before applying: 

  • Two Science courses
  • Microbiology
  • College- Algebra
  • Anatomy and physiology I and II
  • Statistics
  • English composition I and II
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Human Growth and Development
  • DCN also requires a 2.7 grade point average to apply. 

Complete the Entrance Exam, if Needed

Many nursing programs require you to pass an entrance exam and to include your score with your application. DCN requires applicants to take the HESI A1 and submit a score if you don’t already have your bachelor degree. Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about how to take this exam. 

Gather Your Application Materials  

Your application includes different elements and will take time to gather together. These elements include:

  • High school transcript or GED certificate
  • Transcript of other college-level coursework
  • Personal essay (if required)
  • Letters of recommendation from instructors or supervisors
  • HESI A1 Exam if required for you. 
  • Application and application fee
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) if you’re not a native English speaker. 

Are you interested in a career in nursing? Get started by exploring the nursing program options at DCN. Click here for more information on the Houston program or call us today at (800) 210-9898 and speak to one of our admissions representatives. 

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