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Housing Info

Local Housing & Apartment Options

Denver College of Nursing is a non-residential college, and does not have housing on campus. The Denver Metro area, however, has a multitude of housing options available, of which prices and amenities can vary greatly. Additionally, many students consider seeking a roommate to help offset rental costs. If you are interested in connecting with other DCN students who are also looking for roommates please email Tayler Julian at for information.

We understand that each student can have unique housing needs, so we’ve compiled a list of widely used websites to assist students in search for local housing:

Colorado Housing Search - - - - -,CO/ - - - - -

The information provided on this page is solely intended as a guide to Denver College of Nursing students, and other persons affiliate with the College, of local resources. The College is not affiliated with any specific property management entity or landlord. DCN does not warranty, either express or implied, any information regarding properties as listed by third party websites and companies. While our goal is to provide current information DCN does not guarantee the availability of any listings. All roommate agreements are at the sole discretion of the student, DCN is not liable for any disputes or contracts.