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Job Sites for New Nursing Graduates

Career AdvancementAugust 28, 2017

If you are enrolled in an online nursing program, perhaps obtaining your RN to BSN degree, you have probably given some thought to what happens next. When you are in the midst of your studies, it can seem as if all you can think about is the next test, the next assignment, or looming clinical rotations. But it is never too soon to give some consideration to what happens after the day you graduate. 

Finding a good nursing job—or landing a better job—is undoubtedly your ultimate goal. To that end, we have assembled some online resources that may be of use to you as you venture forth on the latest leg of your journey as a professional nurse. The internet has made the job search process immeasurably easier and faster. New jobs are routinely added, and just as quickly filled, and online job boards can make it easy to keep up, explore your options, and compare and contrast the relative merits of various offers, locations, and job types. 

The grandmother of them all is arguably Billed as “Number 1 in nursing news, jobs, and continuing education…”, is a comprehensive clearinghouse for all things related to the nursing profession. Its job board is extensive and up-to-date. This website prides itself on providing an outlet where prospective employers can find “the right candidate at the right time.” 

The searchable database at allows you to search for jobs based on job title, specialty, skill, or employer, and/or location. For example, a recent perusal of the job board revealed 140 unfilled Ambulatory Care positions, 271 Nurse Practitioner slots, and 2 Camp Nurse jobs. Sign up for job alerts, or search jobs at your convenience. is another well-designed, easily navigated, searchable site for nursing profession jobs. Search by profession, specialty, or desired zip code. Or choose a city that appeals to you, click the link, and see what’s presently available. Employers post pitches to prospective employees, providing useful information about the job in question, the facility where you would be working, expected duties, requirements for employment, and even details about compensation, in many instances. The site is broken down into specific areas for nurses, travel nurses, and recruiters.

Begin with this site by selecting “I’m a Job Seeker,” or “I’m an Employer” at the top of the home page. Be sure the Job Search tab has been selected, then simply enter the type of job you are seeking, and/or the city/state you are most interested in. You’ll receive a list of current Per Diem, Permanent, and Travel jobs relevant to your search parameters. Under Career Options, you will even find a New Grad tab. Click on it to access career resources and other grad-specific items of interest. 

The Bigs: Careerbuilder, Indeed, Monster, et al

Of course, there are numerous large, well-known, highly useful job boards out there that do not focus solely on the nursing profession. Among them are familiar names, such as,, and Any of these provide flexible job searching, based on specialty, location, etc. Begin by entering “nurse” in the search bar, and narrowing your inquiry from there.