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X-Games Attendees Receive Breast Cancer Education from Denver College of Nursing, Boarding for Breast Cancer

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 8:35 PM

Sixteen Denver College of Nursing (DCN) students teamed up with the nonprofit, Boarding for Breast Cancer, in Aspen, CO to provide breast cancer education to thousands of X-Games visitors and discuss the realities of cancer prevention and detection.

This is the second year that DCN students teamed up with Boarding for Breast Cancer, a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing education, prevention and support programs for youth and the action sports community at large (

“DCN students shared peer reviewed studies with visitors and talked to them about the importance of diet, exercise and reduced alcohol consumption, which all help lower the risk for cancer. They trained X-Games participants and spectators on the importance of self-examinations, using prostatic models to enhance the learning experience,” said Dr. Marcia Bankirer, president of DCN (

DCN students volunteered over 50 hours in the four-day-long educational outreach event and included: Talia Arroyo, Christina Bruce, Dani Eberly, Emily Field, Jessica Guthrie, Neslyne Inocencio, Katie Kahl, Erin Kinney, Bridget Lawless, Jenny Liston, Jessie Miniat, Jennie Murch, Kendra Pris, Nanyamka Washington, Tasha Wyatt and Lindsey Ziemba.

DCN faculty member, Micah Hughes, assistant professor and director of DCN’s Global Health Perspectives (GHP) program, led three training sessions for the students prior to the breast cancer education outreach event.

“Community health education on breast cancer prevention and detection shouldn’t only take place in hospitals and academic institutions. DCN students and volunteers from the GHP team believe in supporting Boarding for Breast Cancer because, together, we can empower youth with knowledge that can save lives and deliver information in a format and venue relevant to Colorado youth. Pink ribbons and license plates work to increase awareness. Yet, DCN students learned that the greatest impact is gained through personal connections. Service learning is powerfully relevant in the field of nursing, ranging from students providing inner city outreach in Denver to cancer education at ski resort events. I am proud of our students and honored by the lives we touched at the X-Games,” Hughes said.

Boarding for Breast Cancer and Denver College of Nursing will deliver similar cancer education and outreach at the Burton U.S. Open in Vail, CO from March 4-7.