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GHP Uganda Trip, June 2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 1:54 PM

Denver College of Nursing (DCN) students and one DCN faculty member provided healthcare and education to hundreds of Ugandans during their trip over the most recent break. The school’s Global Health Perspectives program (GHP) partnered with the Foundation of International Medical Relief for Children (FIMRC), a non-profit organization committed to bring improved healthcare to communities in the developing world. The students worked out of three different communities in Uganda, the Maternal and Child Health Clinic (MCH), Budada Village and Bubungi. There were several stations set up to assist with electronic entry of laboratory information, GI Issues, rapid syphilis and HIV testing, an eye glass station and a nutrition station.  

Additionally, students fundraised to bring an ultrasound probe to the MCH.  The students were able to perform the procedure on several expecting mothers, providing the first ultrasounds in the community. Students, and faculty sponsor Tara Haskell, also provided valuable instructions on how to use the machine to the staff members.  DCN students vaccinated the new babies and educated new mothers who are breastfeeding about techniques, nutrition and when to bring their children to the clinic.  “The woman who worked there, Sarah, a midwife was so overjoyed about this ultrasound. She was practically in tears! We got to try out the probe and it brought us to tears to see a baby on an ultrasound for multiple moms” (Brittany Roggow). 

DCN students described the experience as life changing and humbling; realizing that many people around the world get by on very little in the way of resources and supplies. They were able to reach people of all ages who are normally underserved for a variety of reasons.  Students felt as though the patient education piece is often missing from these small communities, and found that once introduced patients were overwhelmingly grateful. Since GHP partners with FIMRC these patients can continue to receive healthcare through their clinics in the future. 

Denver College of Nursing’s Global Health Perspectives program focuses on student development in global health settings around the world by combining classroom training with in-field service learning internships. GHP partners with nonprofits to promote its mission of healthcare education and sustainability in challenging national and international environments.