Denver College of Nursing Students’ Blood Drive Exceeds Bonfils Goals

Friday, August 21, 2015 6:10 PM

Denver College of Nursing (DCN) Student Nurse Association (SNA) hosted a day-long blood donation drive in July for the Bonfils Blood Center, collecting 25 percent more units of whole blood than projected by Bonfils, said Dr. Marcia Bankirer, president of DCN.

In the SNA-sponsored drive, 34 units were collected at the DCN site, which will help over 100 patients in the community, according to Michelle Lowry, community donor representative for Bonfils Blood Center.

“Not only did DCN help Bonfils exceed its projections, but also we received four units of double red cells. This is simply fantastic,” Lowry added. “It was also a very busy drive and several more people from area businesses were interested in donating as well. DCN’s location at 19th and Market streets is a very good spot for us.”

Every day, nearly 200 hospitals and healthcare facilities across Colorado and in the Rocky Mountain region rely solely on Bonfils Blood Center for blood products, requiring Bonfils to collect nearly 3,000 blood donations each week. One single blood donation can save and enhance the lives of up to three patients.