DCN Global Health students provide care in India

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 7:55 PM

Denver College of Nursing (DCN) students and DCN faculty members provided healthcare and community support to parts of India and the Dominican Republic over the December 2017 holiday.

Global Health Perspectives program (GHP) is a non-profit organization committed to bring improved healthcare to communities in the developing world. The students worked out of Kodikanal, India in private and government hospitals.  These locations struggle with environmental hazards, and supply shortages. The students were able to relieve some of these shortages by helping to survey neighborhoods, build chimneys, and work with local childcare facilities and special schools.

DCN students Sarah Coleman, Cassie Troxel, Nhun Guyen, Courtney Koskovich, Luz Gonzales, Andrew Still, Abby Cole, Jessica Drake, Rhiannon Kauffman, Alison Schlosser, Krista Kippertomke Jennifer Dufour, and Hannah Miles were accompanied by either Professor Marguerite Distel, RN, MSN or Tara Haskell, RN, CPN. Students served in both locations, treating various medical conditions such as hypertension, general infections, vision impairments, and nutritional deficits.  In India the students worked closely with children, and supported much needed community growth efforts.  DCN students described the experience was “eye-opening”, and said it will likely impact their professional choices going forward.  In addition to placing value on their specific trip, they encourage other DCN students to participate, as a “reminder why they got into nursing in the first place, which is to help people” (Cassie Troxel). 

Denver College of Nursing’s Global Health Perspectives is a cross-cultural inclusive outreach program for undergraduate students with a focus on student development in global health settings, and in Denver. GHP partners with nonprofits to promote its mission of healthcare education and sustainability in challenging national and international environments. Students complete service learning volunteer hours, earn social credits, attend global development symposiums, and fundraise in preparation for the service learning internships.