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Choosing Nursing as Your Career - Dr. Robert Anders

Life in DenverJune 02, 2016

“What’s Love Got to do With It?”


Choosing a career can be difficult. One of the biggest reasons why is people sometimes only explore select facets of an intended career, such as money. If you were to choose a career based solely on its earning potential, chances are you will end up in a job you dislike.


When choosing a career, go for something you’re truly passionate about…and find interesting. That will help make your choice far more enjoyable over the course of a career. For many, the nursing profession is a perfect fit. A career as a nurse provides challenges, typically pays well, and offers a variety of rewards.


Nurses most frequently are employed in hospital settings from intensive care units, emergency rooms, and maternity, to medical and surgical units. But the opportunities don’t stop there. For example, Denver College of Nursing (DCN) graduates are filling a variety of healthcare roles.


Nurses are intelligent, nimble-minded, and able to work in many health-related capacities, from clinics and community settings, to hospitals and schools. If nursing sounds like the right career path for you, get the facts--then decide. You can start by learning about Denver College of Nursing’s nursing programs to decide which nursing field is best for you!


Robert L. Anders, Dr.PH, CS, CNAA, ANEF, FAAN is Vice President of Nursing for Denver College of Nursing (DCN).